Useful applications provided by the screenphone include:

■ Complete communications center – A phone, browser, address book, and message center all-in-one for telephony, Internet access, and email services.

■ Broadband transmission and reception – Full-motion color video and audio transmitted over standard analog telephone lines.

■ Email – Some screenphones provide automated periodic retrieval of email without the need for a PC.

■ Internet connectivity – Screenphones provide the easiest and fastest method (one-button) to surf the Web for information, entertainment, and e-commerce. One does not have to wait for the system to boot-up, and a simple touch on the screenphone’s screen allows you to immediately surf the Internet.

Faster connections are possible using both home and office Internet screenphones. With built-in fast cable or ADSL modem, the Internet screenphone provides non-interrupted Internet connection. Along with Internet access, the built-in magnetic strip reader can be used for home shopping, home banking, and bill payment.

The on-line banking service allows you to transfer funds, make account inquiries, and find out loan and deposit rates. The 24-hour bill payment services eliminate the need for writing checks and can be done at any time.

This makes life simpler and more convenient for many. Internet access could also be used to get the real-time sports updates, horoscopes, lottery results, FedEx tracking, etc. For professional use you could get the live stock quotes, business credit information, investment and stock reports, 24-hour news coverage, etc.

■ Internet phone calls allow call and surf at the same time – Screenphones allow the user to make phone calls, see each other, and perform Internet activities at the same time. This does, however, require two telephone lines—one for telephony and another for Internet connection (or a single phone line and a broadband access connection). This allows the consumer to never miss any important call.

■ Safe and secure transactions – Advanced encryption (SSL) allows you to safeguard sensitive information transmitted through the public Internet. You can enjoy a world of possible applications via SSL that includes home banking, Internet shopping, stock trading, and much more—all at the simple touch of a fingertip.

■ PC-like features – The screenphone includes software like DOS, Windows 3.1, Netscape Navigator, games, word processor, and spreadsheet that allow you to do many basic things that PCs can do.

■ All normal phone features – Screenphones retain all telephone features, such as call waiting, three-way calling, call blocking, call log, caller ID, hands-free speakerphone, and voice mail.

■ Snapshots (for high resolution still-picture transmission)

■ High-quality built-in video camera

■ Preview mode (enables you to see the image the caller will see)

■ Privacy mode (video off/audio on)

■ Calendar

■ Address Book

■ Fax

■ Send SMS messages as you would on cell phone

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